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The Top Viral Marketing Campaigns Of 2013 So Far
The Top Viral Marketing Campaigns Of 2013 So Far

The Top Viral Marketing Campaigns Of 2013 So Far

Who would have thought that social media would have grown into the monster that it is today, with it now not only keeping people connected but is now also a massive tool for the marketing world. A simple tweet, video or blog post can go viral within hours, spreading across the internet through ‘sharing’ and ‘liking’ at startling speed.

Marketing companies quickly caught on to the fact that social media and the internet could bring huge results with the right viral marketing campaign. A top quality viral marketing campaign can literally turn smaller brands into well known entities in a matter of days.

For this reason, we are going to talk about which viral marketing campaigns have caught the eye and been the most successful so far in 2013.

Official PlayStation 4 Used Game Instructional Video

Whenever the next generation of consoles are released there is always a tug of war between the two powerhouses in Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox, with each usually releasing their technology during the same time period in order to stop the other from gaining an early march in the power struggle.

Sony used this viral marketing campaign to cleverly mock their fierce competitors Microsoft ahead of the upcoming launch of both systems. The new Xbox has come under fire after it has been revealed that Microsoft would be putting restrictions on the players’ ability to share games with their friends.
Though this viral campaign was a huge success and reached almost 14 million people so far in 2013, it could actually backfire as Microsoft has now scrapped its initial plans and will allow users to freely share games as before.

PhotoShop Live

Photoshop wanted to go down the ‘amazement’ route with their very clever viral ad campaign that not only shows the power of what their software can do but also that a little bit of creativity can bring about fantastic results. The ad certainly reached viral heights after hitting around 14 million views in just one week.
Photoshop brought technology and creativity together which resulted in a viral ad that people are still talking about to this day.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

The Dove Real Beauty Sketches has officially become the most viewed and most shared video advertisement of all time, with the ingenious campaign driving home an emotional message that how we see ourselves is not necessarily how we are viewed by others. Though it is an obvious marketing strategy it does hold a true and heart warming message which has to be the reason it has been viewed more than 114 million times.

Transport For London Pub Loo Shocker

Transport For London has often gone down the shock route in order to make people think twice about drinking and driving and they didn’t let up in this viral campaign either. Although the men in this video were played by actors, the message certainly hit home with the video being viewed more than 3.5 million times in 2013 already.

Pepsi Max “Test Drive”

Pepsi are another company that have not been shy to go down the viral marketing route, with this one being their best effort yet. The video involves a hoax against a car salesman in which Nascar driver Jeff Gordon (after disguising himself) takes a Camaro out on a test drive leaving the salesman terrified. Though Pepsi later admitted the stunt was staged, it still managed to attract more than 40 million views and has become one of the most successful viral video ads of the year so far.

That wraps up what have been the most viral of viral ads in 2013 to date, leaving us wondering just what somebody else will come up with next.

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