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classic campaigns that shaped marketing part 2
classic campaigns that shaped marketing part 2

Classic Campaigns That Shaped Marketing Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of the most classic ad campaigns that have helped to shape marketing as we see it today. Many of you will already know that the aim of any marketing campaign is one of two things and sometimes both, to sell the product or to instil it into people’s brains.

Take a look at a few more of the more memorable and successful classic ad campaigns we think had a massive impact on what we see across all media platforms today.

Coca Cola – “Always Coca Cola”

Coca Cola (Coke) have always been one of the pioneers of advertising campaigns since way back in the early 1930’s when it was first established as a brand. However, through all of those it has to be said that the most ambitious and certainly the most successful of them was the “Always Coca Cola” campaign.

This campaign had 27 different commercials that were all aimed at different audiences all over the world. It was a huge success and helped to further spread the appeal of the brand all across the globe.

Clairol – “Does she…or doesn’t she?”
This ad campaign very nearly did not get off the ground back in 1956 due to it being recognised as perhaps a little bit too suggestive. However, it did make it to the television screens and had a massive impact on the sales of Clairol Hair Dye, so much so that within just six years of this ad campaign more than 70% of all women were using hair dye with Clairol being the number one brand.

Miller Lite – “Tastes great, Less Filling”
Back in the 70’s Miller came up with something that they thought could corner the market in the beer industry. They came up with a low calorie beer that they thought would enable men to drink more of it, simply because it wouldn’t make them fat. Initially it didn’t go down too well as men in general do not care for how many calories they are drinking.
However a new ad campaign that had real masculine sporting hero’s and a few comedians thrown in managed to turn its success around as sales went up from 7 million barrels to a staggering 31 million within less than a year of the campaign starting up.

Marlboro – “The Malboro Man”
During the 1950’s smoking had not yet seen the health concerns that come with the habit and brands were openly advertised on the television regularly. If we were to ignore the health issues and concentrate entirely what the ad campaign Marlboro did for the brand back then, making smoking seem very masculine which appealed to both men and women.
The rugged cowboy “Marlboro Man” turned smoking into something sexy and desirable and improved sales at the brand ten-fold.

That just about wraps it up for our articles on some of the more classic advertising campaigns that were not only a success in terms of sales but a success at always being associated with their respective slogans.
Any new ad campaign will want to be remembered in the same light of any of these in the many years to come. They will want to be the “Jolly Green Giants” and “Tony the Tiger’s” of the future, something that will be remembered through generations as one of the biggest reasons for the success of their company.
Thank you for reading, we are sure that most of you will know at least 50 percent of these commercials already, which just go to show that they did indeed work!

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